Auxilliary donates AED machine

AN AED with around the clock access (Automatic External Defibrillator) has been installed at the Warracknabeal Police Station, funded through community donations.  

The Warracknabeal Ambulance Auxiliary which is primarily funded by the generosity of  Warracknabeal and the surrounding districts, has purchased another AED for the community.  

Previously the auxiliary purchased one for the Warracknabeal Leisure Complex, IGA supermarket and has supported others in the town with information, guidance and education on use.

After Rainbow and Jeparit communities purchased an AED unit  for 24/7 use, the Warracknabeal auxiliary discussed and unanimously voted to buy another one to be placed outside the police station and be available 24 hours a day.  The unit was installed last week by the Men’s Shed.

After ongoing conversations with other small communities and the police it was agreed the police station was the best site to install the unit.  

It is situated behind break glass on the Jamouneau street wall,  has camera surveillance and will be managed by the auxiliary.  

This adds to their current range of locations of life saving AED’s, with the added bonus of being available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Sudden cardiac arrest kills hundreds of Victorians each year, however rapid response times from Ambulance Victoria, community education, greater access to AED’s and the new “Good Sam” project have reduced this number.  

Immediate CPR in conjunction with the use of an AED is the victims greatest chance of survival and anyone can do it. 

The Good Sam project is a innovation  facilitated by Ambulance Victoria.  It allows users to add an app to their smart phone which will signal a siren if there is a cardiac emergency within close proximity.

Users have the option to accept or decline the alert and also to turn the alerts off at any time.  Once two people accept the alert, the system automatically stops sending alerts. 

This system has allowed valuable time responses by members of the community to cardiac arrest and resulting in members of the public already performing CPR on a victim when the Ambulance arrives, saving lives.   Instant or ASAP CPR (compressions on the chest) is vital to helping save lives.

Further information on the Good Sam Project can be obtained from the local Ambulance Station or search online at for more information. Online there is a quick video clip which explains Good Sam and discusses things such as eligibility to join.  It is not just for health professionals.

It is vital for savings lives and for Ambulance Victoria to be aware of where the AED’s are in communities.  Register AED’s to Ambulance Victoria by calling 1800 233 734, it takes five minutes and could save a life. 

Ambulance Victoria has a data base access to registered AED’s and in the event of an heart attack can guide those assisting to the nearest unit.  The data base is also linked to the Good Sam Program which allows a responder who gets an alert on their phone to see the locations of nearby AED units.  This new initiative has been proven to save lives.  

Once again the auxiliary thanks the community for its ongoing support of our fundraising, without this support these valuable contributions to the community could not be made.