Celebrations at Beulah’s Pre-harvest Festival

BEULAH’S Pre-Harvest Festival saw a crowd of young and old gather to participate in an evening of celebration.

Around 250 people from far and wide gathered at the Yarriambiack Creek foreshore at Beulah, on the evening including visitors from Adelaide, Bendigo, Melbourne, and Swan Hill.

Trish Lehmann, who organised the event along with the Yarriambiack Creek Committee said that the festival aimed to encourage conversation about raising funds through a co-op to build new shops in Beulah since they had burned down six months ago, and to get families together during the busy harvest season.

“We wanted to help, and give something back to the community,” she said.

“It’s an opportunity to get together because families work very hard now- they’re very busy.”

The evening saw a host of performers entertain the crowd, including: Kat de Bruijn, Lisa Heenan and Jay Garland, Archie Davis and Meg Davis, Laura Robbins, Anthony Patton, Joel Willmott, Mick Thomas with Squeeze Box Wally, Dave, and the Black-Hill Whoers- Brendan Lehmann, Dean Caldow, and Stephen Russell.

Funds were raised through a raffle and the Beulah Co-Ops barbecue who catered the event along with Trudy Robbins who prepared biryani and dahl.

The children were entertained with duck races, face painting,   a bouncy castle, and a movie on the big screen.

They hoped that the event would gather traction for people to donate to the town’s GoFundMe page, Mrs Lehmann said.

“All the little towns are dying around us, and because our stores have burned down, we’ve got nothing.”

“The community wants to talk about putting something together to build a new grocery store,” she said.