Cinema set to reopen

THE Horsham Cinema will reopen on Friday with revised session times and with restricted numbers.

The cinema will showcase seven movies, including two Australian releases Brock and Legend Of The Five, and will be keeping spaces limited to just 20 per session in-line with new Victorian coronavirus regulations.

Cinema manager Kerry Bolwell said she’d been inundated with enquiries about resuming sessions.

“Everyone has been asking when we will be returning, especially after Saturday when restrictions became tighter again,” she said.

We are encouraging people to pre-book and preferably on the phone. We don’t want people to be disappointed.”

To make sure everyone visiting the cinema remained safe and healthy Ms Bolwell said that extra cleaning measures will be in place.

“Apart from our normal cleaning routine that we have always done, everything will be cleaned after each movie session and surfaces wiped down regularly,” Ms Bolwell said.

While some of the big Hollywood blockbuster movies have been temporarily shelved by many film companies until a later date, Ms Bolwell said that has created an opportunity for some lesser known films to shine.

“Some of the smaller film companies are actually able to get their foot in the door,” she said.

“We’re hoping to attract some of the film societies from the region because we’ll be showing some of the types of films they’ll be interested in like Bait, a British film that has been shot in black and white. The story is absolutely fantastic.”

Those still preferring the comfort of their own home to watch a movie can still ultilise the take-away service the cinema is providing, meaning the waft of hot popcorn will never be too far away.