Council releases action plan

THE Yarriambiack Shire Council publicly released a copy of their action plan after their last meeting addressing local governance issues. 

The plan aims to address over 50 recommendations made by the Local Government Inspectorate to improve the overall governance within the shire.

The Inspectorate recently published a report detailing findings following an investigation into Yarriambiack Shire Council.

The investigation related to specific allegations around council asset and resource use and broader governance arrangements for council operations.

The Inspectorate found the council had not kept pace with the requirements and expectations of councils as a contemporary organisation and management at the time were complacent policies and rigour around community assets and resources were insufficient and the management were complacent. 

Many of the issues found in this investigation had the potential for a negative impact on ratepayers and residents of the shire.

Mayor Graeme Massey said with the release of the action plan, they aim to take a measurable approach in fixing local governance in the shire. 

“We are genuinely aiming to accomplish all recommendations that have been made by the inspectorate,” Mayor Massey said.

“It’s not a trivial matter and we have every intention of carrying it out.”

The action plan sees every recommendation listed with what needs to be done and a time frame and actions they will take achieve that deadline.

There were significant improvements noted in recent months but there were many facets of this investigation that provide learnings for other councils.

Chief Municipal Inspector David Wolf said: “Our work focused on specific allegations where community assets and resources had either not been properly managed or were used to the benefit of individuals, not the community as a whole.”

“Our investigation has presented challenges for Yarriambiack Shire Council but we have been encouraged by the willingness to improve and the assistance from administrative and operational staff. This report is a great guide for all council depots and public sector organisations, especially those with remote or autonomous operations.”

The action plan is available for review at