Elders presses on during COVID

WHILE it’s mostly business as usual for Elders, Warracknabeal’s branch manager and livestock auctioneer Aaron Zwar said that they are doing what they can to keep business going.

With limitations placed on public gatherings, Mr Zwar alongside Elders real estate agent Nick McIntyre said that they was taking every precaution in line with health advice in order to keep its residential and livestock services in operation.

“It’s pretty much business as usual at the moment. There are no open houses but we are still able to do one-on-one inspections with social distancing and hygiene requirements,” Mr McIntyre said.

“People are still coming out but we are now sending them a notice so that they don’t have to worry when they get pulled over.”

Cancellations form the initial wave of restrictions were a disappointment for vendors, Mr McIntyre said, but they have been understandable of the situation.

Talking about the livestock sector, Mr Zwar said that everything has been relatively normal, although a lot more is done over the phone or by email.

“We want that to continue so we’ve taken anyone nonessential out of the equation to limit the possibilities of contracting anything,” he said.

“Well at this stage with our livestock markets, over-the-hooks sales, the buyers are only involved by email and a phone call so over-the-hooks sales really does limit the possibility of anyone bringing it on-farm. If the agent is going on-farm, we are fairly mindful of hygiene, washing hands. The old handshake of sealing a deal is obviously gone.”

“I think everyone’s pretty well aware of it now and the seriousness of it all. I think in the early stages it might have been shunned a little bit but I think now everyone is pretty well aware of what could happen.”