Get productive with the Warrack Motel

THE Warrack Motel is offering those working from home a chance to get away and be productive.

Business owner Steve Friend said he has been hit hard by the coronavirus restrictions and is adapting his business to suit the needs of the community.

Without people being allowed to travel at the moment, Mr Friend said he needed to get inventive to bring in customers.

“No one is allowed to travel at the moment and I read about something similar and figured why not give it a go.

“People working from home have so many distractions, there’s the kids, Netflix, partners, pets, why not book one of the rooms and smash out some work.

Mr Friend said some people might like to book out a room just to get some peace and quiet.

“Even just for a sanity break. It’s a home away from home office,” Mr Friend said.

The rooms are being offered at a half day rate of $40 or a full day rate of $60 with full tea and coffee facilities.

The Motel has a full beer garden kitchen with barbecue and pizza oven overlooking the Yarriambiack Creek for those wishing to stay and cook a meal.

Wifi facilities are also available so all you need is your computer and other work requirements to make the most of some quiet time.

The only restrictions is that the day bookings don’t include the use of shower or bed.

Mr Friend said they are also open for overnight stays with full use of the rooms facilities.

Speak to Mr Friend at the Warrack Motel on 5398 1633, to set up and get going on your work projects with his “office away from the home office”.