Students put leadership skills to the test

FOR the eighth year running the Warracknabeal Secondary College year nine advanced class students completed a leadership camp at The Summit in Trafalgar East recently. 

The Summit offers a range of unique activities that allows students to test themselves both physically and mentally; as well as individually and in team situations.

The students started the camp with a range of team initiatives to build on the group’s teamwork and trust.

As the week progressed the program became more challenging and the activities required students to set and achieve goals, demonstrate cohesiveness and offer support and encouragement to each other to be their best.

Students had the opportunity to hold a python, climb a 30 metre tower and balance on one leg, walk across a bed of nails and complete a gruelling obstacle course as a team. 

As well as these testing assignments, the students also did some things just for fun. 

The students battled it out in laser skirmish and participated in a game of inflatable human foosball.

The 17 students who attended the camp have come away with some experiences they will never forget, along with some new and improved leadership skills. 

These skills will prove invaluable to the students for the future in school and work, socially, or in other hobbies and interests.

Student testimonials 

“My personal favourite was the rockets nest because it’s so high off the ground and the adrenaline rush is crazy. 

“I like when you get to the top and it starts wobbling it starts to scare you. When I was up there I was balancing on 1 leg and my arms out. It was such an amazing view when you were up there. 

“You could see all the mountains in the distance it was cool.” – Kyle Eliades.

“I improved on initiative where in some of the initiatives I stepped up and gave ideas. I built trust with some people I wouldn’t think I could and I even learnt some new communication skills. 

“The communications could help open up some pathways for me in the future and with me building trust could help building trust with fellow employees/ employers in the future. Initiative is a skill that everyone would want going into future employment and everyday life.” – Matthew Golder.

“I demonstrated leadership by leading in the monster challenge and supporting everyone the best I could. 

“I waited and helped get people out of the monster challenge activities instead of just worrying about myself and shared my ideas to get closer to success. I think my leadership skills have improved because I am more comfortable and able to lead and communicate to a group.” – Rhiana Keys.

“It was really good seeing people that are completely scared of heights giving it a go and pushing themselves, it is really good. 

“Another thing I need to add is everyone merged together to make a really strong close group. I noticed a lot of people start to step up as leaders towards the end of the camp and it was really good to see.” – Seth McCoy.

“I also feel like when I set goals for myself that made me work harder and pushed me to reach them or get past them which I’m very proud of. 

“I think I’ve improved on my communication, initiative and teamwork skills mainly with my communication and teamwork more so because on camp I tried to include everyone and also was contributing in discussion and trying to help.” – Mirrabella Powell.

“Before camp and in the first few activities especially the leap of faith I was actually extremely scared but everyone told me to jump so I did and it wasn’t that bad so after that I began to trust the harness a little more. 

“I ended up doing each activity which was definitely worth it because if I didn’t I would have regretted it.” – Josiah Keam