Life membership for Norma

AREEGRA farmer Norma Boschen was awarded with a Life Membership from the Wimmera Growers of Australian Plants Group at their Christmas wind up at Laharum  recently.

Norma has been an advocate of Australian plants for many years and has a lovely native garden on the family farm at Areegra where she farms with husband Keith and son David. 

Norma joined the Wimmera Growers of Australian Plants in 1977 and has always been happy to share her expert knowledge of grafting, especially of eremophilas.

She co-wrote a book on Eremophilas with Kalkee farmer Maree Goods and Russell Wait in 2008 which is highly regarded by the botanical community.    

Norma and Keith have travelled extensively into outback areas identifying eremophilas and other native plants in remote locations. She has attended SGAP national conferences regularly over the years, often presenting her knowledge of eremophilas.

Norma has also been a guest speaker at many groups in the local area, sharing her knowledge at church, CWA and Garden groups.

She has always provided plants for raffles  for the regular Wimmera and Warracknabeal meetings and has been involved in the planting of the native  garden at the  Lutheran church in Minyip, the former Areegra school and the Town Hall roundabout corner in Warracknabeal as well as at  many other Wimmera sites.

She was also instrumental in the wonderful native plant display at the Agricultural Museum during the Easter rally for many years. 

Norma has had some involvement with the Wimmera Farm Tree Group and has been a committee member of the Wimmera Growers group over several years. 

Several other awards were granted  at the Wimmera group’s wind up on Sunday night,  including a state award to the current President, of the group,  Royce Raleigh who with his wife Jeeane, owns the spectacular ‘Wartook Gardens’ at Zumsteins. 

Norma has been a wonderful ambassador for native plants and in fact this area of Victoria and was awarded a Life membership of the Wimmera group by long time member and Vice President of the Wimmera group, Graham Goods.