Lucy and Kailie awarded with Girl Guides Junior BP

TWO Warracknabeal Girl Guides have been awarded junior BP (Olave Baden-Powell) after successfully completing several Guiding challenges. 

Lucy Schilling, daughter of Jason and Michelle and Kailie Krause daughter of Gavin and Jessica of Donald received their junior BP as part of the Australia Girl Guide Recognition System. 

Kailie and Lucy were required to challenge themselves to complete the seven fundamentals of the Australia Guide program at their highest  personal level.

Lucy’s challenges included decorating cup cakes for Rosella Patrol and  visiting the shell house on outback holiday.

Guiding traditions 

Lucy learnt Morse code and  managed to send three messages. She also had to build a camp fire and lead three camp fire songs.

Services; she participated in clean up Australia Day and helped raise funds for the Save The Children’s Foundation by helping do tasks for people. 

Lucy prepared a three course outdoor meal for family and snorkeled with the sharks in Western Australia. 

World guiding; she painted trefoils on small rocks as a gift to people on her outback trip and made a poster of Australia marking in the dates, nights towns and highlights of their trip. 

Patrol; she made a useful item for her patrol and made a game to identify each member of her patrol. 

Leadership; Lucy with four years of Guiding experiences is Rosella Patrol leader.

Her leadership skills allow her to involve all members of her patrol in planning, sharing ideas and implementing exciting activities for the unit. 

“Lucy is a capable young leader and Warracknabeal guiding congratulates her on achieving the junior BP,” Leader Platypus Frances Casey said. 

Kailie’s Challenges

Promise and law; Kailie learnt semophore, prepared packs for unit to make and sign the alphabet.

Prepared matching card game on guiding tradition to challenge the guides.

Services; she visited Sea Lake Aged Care, read, played piano and gave them cards.

Kailie collected bread tags from the unit, Donald schools, and community to make wheel chairs for the elderly. 

Outdoors; she competed in a mini-triathlon and learnt to canoe at  the Regional Canoeing Day at Arura.

World Guiding; she made a poster, learnt Mexican World Guide Centre Song and sang “Our Cabana” to the guides and complied a booklet on World Guide Centre ‘Pax Lodge’ London. Made cards to math places of interest in the United Kingdom. 

Patrol system; Kailie made a booklet of all the interests of her Blue Wren patrol in Mildura. 

Purchased a toy owl, guides named her ‘Bobstena’. She travelled between all guide homes, recording her amazing journey in words and photos. 


“Kailie began her junior BP in Mildura before joining Warracknabeal Blooming guides in 2017, travelling from Donald. She has developed her Guiding knowledge through taking part in unit and regional events attending all camps and events in the Wimmera,” Leader Platypus Frances Casey said. 

“Kailie shares her love of Guiding by assisting the younger guides in planning their challenge badges.

“She has gained confidence to become a fine young leader and her leaders and guides congratulate Kailie on achieving her Junior BP.” 

Lucy cloth Frances Casey metal Marion Smith certificate Jodee Lardner. 

Kailie cloth Frances Casey metal Jodee Lardner certificate Marianne Gilber. 

Kailie and Lucy thanked their parents, leaders and guides and region leaders Blue Bird and Koolin from Horsham. 

Both cut their junior BP decorated cakes and thanked all their supporters for attending.