Nazi flag disgusts Beulah

BEULAH Police officer, Leading Senior Constable Shayne Riggall has describe a Phillips-st, Beulah resident flying a Nazi flag as, “not typical of Beulah.

The resident blatantly displayed a Nazi era Wehrmacht flag on his property, much to the disgust of the broader Beulah community.

“People of the Beulah township I believe consider flying this flag, that has connotations of the horrific behaviour of the Nazi regime of the second world war, highly offensive,” L S/C Riggall said.

“No doubt there are people within our community that will have connections to those who were so brutally dealt with by the Nazi Germans and highly offended by this act,” he said.

“I am currently waiting on legal advice on the issue as to whether the perpetrator can be charged over the matter, said LS/C Riggall.

The Herald understands that the matter may come under the ‘Hate Crimes’ laws and that the matter is also being investigated under local government laws by the Yarriambiack Shire Council.

It is also understood that it is illegal to fly a Nazi flag in Germany.

The flag has the sinister connotation of the Nazi’s and was used as the Command flag for the Reichskriegsminister and Commander-in-Chief of the Wehrmacht  from 1935 to 1938, until Adolf Hitler took over the role as Commander-in-Chief.