Paper panic hits Warracknabeal

THE toilet paper panic has hit Warracknabeal after shoppers cleared the shelves of the town’s supermarkets.

Australians across the country have been panic purchasing toilet paper which has spurred some supermarkets to place a limit on customer purchase to allow shoppers to share the stock.

Many residents have been left confused as to the panic but “poop ticket” hoarders have put it down to panic around Corona Virus (COVID-19).

Other long shelf life items such as rice, pasta and canned goods are under demand along with tissues, hand sanitiser and wipes as shoppers prepare for the worst.

Ritchies IGA, Warracknabeal Assistant Manager Nicole Dean said Ritchie’s IGA had received delivery of a pallet of toilet paper last week which has gone.

As of Wednesday, the World Health Organisation reported 93,090 global cases of Corona Virus and 214 deaths.

Australia had 43 cases and one death.

Of the confirmed cases reported globally, fatality rate is approximately 3.4 percent with the rate outside of China at 1.6 percent.