No vacancy as works increase

THE Warrack Motel has had an improved uptake on vacancies recently with Wednesday night and Thursday night completely booked out.

Motel business owner Steven Friend said this is down to a number of work opportunities happening around the Yarriambiack.

“It’s all tradies, they’ve been doing work at Harris Flats, Regional Roads upgrades and work at IGA installing new freezers.

“We were full last night and full tonight, it’s all renovations which is great.

Mr Friend said he has seen some tourism since the lifting of restrictions but it has been limited.

“In the last few weeks I’ve had greater than 50 percent occupancy. In April I only had about three percent.

“During the time that people have been allowed to travel, I’ve only had about three tourists come here.

Mr Friend hopes that tourists will soon be coming back to the area.

“A lot of people will still be a little hesitant to be travelling.

“I think it (the opening of restaurants) will help now everything is opening up again,” he said.

Restrictions on travel were lifted on Monday morning with more restrictions expected to be lifted by June 22, dependent on the spread of coronavirus.

As at Thursday, travellers were allowed to stay in accommodation as long as facilities were not communal.