Prelude collection funds to local care

WARRACKNABEAL Church representatives have decided to channel funds into  the year-round ministry of St Vinnies. 

THE combined ministers and pastors of Warracknabeal, following the voluntary collection taken up at this year’s ‘Prelude to Christmas’ Service,  unanimously decided to give those funds to the local year-round ministry of St. Vincent de Paul (St Vinnies) within Warracknabeal.

This followed a report to the ministers on the amount of funds, furnishings and Christmas Hampers that flow to ‘battling’ households and families from ‘St Vinnies’ in our local area, from June 2018 to June 2019 with continuing support every month.

Food assistance excludes any alcohol or tobacco, as a standing “Vinnies” policy.

While the Prelude funds will be a small portion of the annual assistance given through St Vinnies, it is a significant contribution to the work of caring for families in need in the community, regardless of their faith, beliefs or background. The Prelude contribution is $1,000.

All ministers and pastors of the Warracknabeal faith communities thank the generosity and spirit of care for others that has been shown by  all who contributed to the Prelude collection. 

Every dollar will be delivered in assistance needed, where it is needed locally.

Warracknabeal Ministers Association  said  “God bless to all with a safe, enjoyable and refreshing Christmas and Summer break with your family and friends.”