Lallemand GenAg Future Fund $3,000 Scholarship open

YOUNG people working in the fodder industry are being encouraged to apply for a $3,000 scholarship through the Lallemand Animal Nutrition and the Australian

Fodder Industry Association (AFIA) want to hear from you.

“The next generation are the drivers of our industry,” AFIA CEO John McKew said.

“Their skills, knowledge and experience will lead the expanding and developing fodder industry and we want to provide their educational journey with a head-start.”

“Lallemand Animal Nutrition and AFIA see this scholarship as a long-term investment in the industry.”

Fodder producer Cameron Lowe, from Wasleys in the Mid North of South Australia used the money from his 2018 scholarship to travel to China as part of his university course.

Studying a Bachelor of Farm Business Management, he said the tour provided insight into the hay market few growers had ever seen.

“In China, exporters Hay Australia showed us what happens on the ground and at the plant,” Cameron said.

“As a fodder producer, this understanding of the market, customers and the process involved in selling our hay cemented my trust in the industry and its future.”

But the benefits of the scholarship stretched beyond the financial assistance.

“I travelled with Lallemand to regions of Victoria where I learnt about silage production,” Cameron said.

“At home, we produce about 120,000 small squares a year but we are always on the lookout to do something else.”

“Farming these days is about diversity and this opportunity to learn about other parts of the industry gave me the confidence to consider different options on-farm.”

The scholarship is open for those 18 to 35 years of age (at the time of application) and they must be studying, planning to study or wishing to undertake a specific project to benefit the Australian fodder industry.