Juniors produce two close matches

SATURDAY Morning Junior Tennis at ANZAC Park proved for great viewing, with two matches being decided by three games or less.

Round five started with a big batch of unavailable players, with lots of fill-ins ready to step onto the court and strut their stuff.

With two matches reduced to four players a side and one match filling the full five players.

The day started with Lah taking on Warracknabeal.

The first doubles of the day set the tone of the morning, with Lah’s Harry Allan and Elijah Keam defeating Warracknabeal’s Jarve Beney and Eedie Rowe, while Warracknabeal’s Charlie Inkster and Jake McKenzie defeated Lah’s Lauren Clyne and Karter Nitschke.

A wonderful accomplishment for young Eedie Rowe who played her first match of the year, filling in after getting a phone call at 8.15am on Saturday morning.

Eedie played wonderfully all morning for her first day, winning two out of her three sets.

A close match between Lah’s Harry and Karter and Warracknabeal’s Jarve and Jake saw it go to the wire, with a tie break match in sight.

Jarve and Jake were able to edge out the Lah team, winning the tie break 6-5.

A red hot singles match went to a tie break, with Warracknabeal’s Charlie Inkster and Lah’s Lauren Clyne going down to the nail, with Charlie just beating Lauren 6-5.

With close matches all morning, Lah was able to sneak past Warracknabeal, winning 39 games to 37.

Ailsa and Sheep Hills also provided a very close encounter.

A strong start from Ailsa’s Josiah Keam and Karlarni Rowe against Sheep Hills’ Levi Keam and Macie Nitschke, with a win to Ailsa 6-4.

Kalarni Rowe would go on to win all three of her sets, a show of great tennis.

Sheep Hills’ Nicola Clyne and Zac Mellings would balance the scales, after beating Ailsa’s Jess Mellings and Zac O’Connor 6-2.

Two tie break matches in this match-up added to the tension.

A 6-5 match between Ailsa’s Zac and Kalarni and opponents Zac M and Macie showed great tennis prowess.

And a tie break in the last match of the day between Sheep Hills’ Levi and Nicola beating opponents Josiah and Jess was the deciding set of the day, with Sheep Hills beating Ailsa by a single game, 42 games to 41.

The last match of the day saw Bangerang and Areegra battle it out for the top prize.

Bangerang started strong winning both of their first two doubles.

Areegra’s Max Inkster was dominant in his singles match, and would continue during the day winning all his sets for the morning.

Issy Allan of Areegra also played well all morning, with a highlight win in the singles match against Cooper Stastinowsky, winning 6-2.

It was a up and down affiar between these two teams, but the stronger Areegra side was too much for a young Bangerang side with Areegra winning 41 games to Bangerang’s 30.

Areegra 41 d Bangerang 30.

Doubles: Cooper Mills and Issy Allan 4 lost Dan McKenzie and Cooper Stasinowsky 6; Baxter Stasinowsky and Ollie Credlin 3 lost Archer Mills and Rory Starick 6; Issy and Ollie 3 lost Cooper S and Rory 6; Max and Baxter 6 d Jaxon Moloney and Archer 0; Cooper M and Baxter 6 d Dan and Archer 3; Max and Ollie 6 d Jaxon and Rory 1.
Singles: Max Inkster 6 d Jaxon Moloney 0; Cooper M 1 lost Dan McKenzie 6; Issy Allan 6 d Cooper Stastinowksy 2.

Ailsa 41 lost to Sheep Hills 42.
Doubles: Josiah Keam and Kalarni Rowe 6 d Levi Keam and Macie Nitschke 4; Jess Mellings and Zac O’Connor 2 lost Nicola Clyne and Zac Mellings 6; Zac and Kalarni 6 d Zac M and Macie 5; Josiah and Zac 3 lost Levi and Zac M 6; Jess and Kalarni 6 d Nicola and Macie 4; Josiah and Jess 5 lost Levi and Nicola 6.
Singles: Josiah Keam 6 d Levi Keam 1; Jess Mellings 6 d Nicola Clyne 4; Zac O’Connor 1 lost Zac Mellings 6.

Lah 39 d Warracknabeal 37.
Doubles: Harry Allan and Elijah Keam 6 d Jarve Beney and Eedie Rowe 3; Lauren Clyne and Karter Nitschke 3 lost Charlie Inkster and Jake McKenzie 6; Karter and Elijah 4 lost Jake and Eedie 6; Harry and Karter 5 lost Jarve and Jake 6; Lauren and Elijah 4 lost Charlie and Eedie 6; Harry and Lauren 6 d Jarve and Charlie 0.
Singles: Harry Allan d Jarve Beney 0; Lauren Clyne 5 lost Charlie Inkster 6; Karter Nitschke 0 lost Jake McKenzie 4.

Draw: Bangerang v Lah, Ailsa v Cannum, Sheep Hills v Warracknabeal, Areegra has the bye.