Sunrise over Lake Lascelles

THE Warracknabeal Herald has teamed up with recreational photographer Shane Roberts to feature some of his creations over the coming weeks.

Mr Roberts is a self taught photographer and said he learnt everything from Youtube.

He shares the techniques he used to capture the above image.

“This is an image that I took of a sunrise at Lake Lascelles in November 2019.

“Despite this being a relatively recent photograph, it is one of my favourite sunrise images that I have taken.

“Because this image is a long exposure, I needed to use a tripod to capture it.

“I used a narrow aperture to create the light burst effect with the light just above the jetty and I used a slow shutter speed to cause the water to have the smooth blurred look.

“The settings I used for this image were: focal length – 24mm, shutter speed – 8 seconds, aperture – F18, ISO - 100.”

Keep an eye out in future editions of the Warraknabeal Herald to enjoy more of Mr Roberts’ images.