Victoria goes to a State of Disaster

As Victoria announces a further 671 cases of coronavirus in Victoria, Premier Daniel Andrews is planning to put in place new restrictions for the state.

Mr Andrews has announced as of 6pm tonight, Victoria is in a State of Disaster.

Metro Melbourne:

- No one is to travel further than 5km from their place of residence.

-8pm curfew from tonight except under certain circumstances such as work or caring/ receiving care

-Only one person is to leave the household to shop for groceries or essential items

-Recreational activity/ exercise will be no longer than 1 hour and no more than two people exceot for circumstances when having to care for children.

Regional Victoria, as of midnight Wednesday:

-Regional Vic will move to Stage 3 restrictions

-Persons can only leave the home for the 4 reasons: exercise, medical care, shopping for essential items, work or study if unable to from home

-Further restrictions on businesses will be announced tomorrow

-Students will soon move back to remote learning

Mr Andrews will announce further information in the coming days