Warrack Newsagency changes hands

THE COMMUNITY can expect to see some new, friendly faces running the Warracknabeal Authorised Newsagency. 

New business owners Sajive Manjuparambill and Arvind “Josh” Shulka have started their joint venture of running the newsagency and all the services that come along with it. 

Business owners Joylene and Peter Heidrich have operated the newsagents for over 25 years in Warracknabeal. 

The husband and wife team said they are excited to settle down into retirement. 

When asked about their next chapter Mr Heidrich said he’s keen to get out and travel anywhere and everywhere. 

They plan to remain living in the district for the time being.  

The Heidrichs are now helping the Melbourne duo transition into their new roles over the coming weeks.

Mr Manjuparambill said they will continue the same services and will keep the same team employed. 

“We’re planning to keep all the basic services that were available before; the only thing we’re working on is applying to bring back the centrelink service,” he said. 

“Other than that we are planning to get a lot of gifts.

“The main thing is, we’ll see how the business is and see how we can move forward and if it’s viable in that manner. It will take a few months to get use to the way the business operates.”

They are even considering introducing a key cutting service. 

Mr Manjuparambill said he’s settling in comfortably in the town and the change of pace was needed for his career.

“This is completely different for me, I’m in a learning space for the next two months at least,” he said. 

Prior to taking on the business, he had been working in fabrication and engineering, where he was helping the Australian Defence Force build naval vessels known as “Destroyers”. 

Mr Manjuparambill unfortunately damaged his shoulder and said he needed to move into a profession which was lighter in physical labour. 

Mr Shulka worked in retail in Bilo’s and Coles in Queensland for 10 years before moving on to senior management roles, looking after over 60 stores in India. 

He later moved to Melbourne two years ago, where he met Sajive and decided to go into business with him. 

His wife and son still live in Melbourne in the western suburbs. 

He said the transition has been made easy with the help of the Heidrichs. 

“Peter and Joylene were lovely, we trusted them straight away. Buying a business is a scary proposition. When you meet people you can trust it becomes easy,” he said.

“They were very helpful in finding a place, they rang around in the town.” 

The opportunity first presented itself online, before the pair decided to take the plunge. 

“I’d never heard of Warracknabeal before moving here, but I like Nick Cave,” he laughed.