Warracknabeal man burns rubber for Drag Challenge

A WARRACKNABEAL man competed in the Street Machine Drag Challenge for the first time recently. 

The full five-day Drag Challenge event is inspired directly by Hot Rod’s iconic Drag Week, was held in November. 

Warracknabeal mechanic and drag enthusiast Trever Hunter entered in his Orange 1975 Turbo Charged V8, Fuel Injected Kingswood. 

Mr Hunter said he was reaching speeds of 124mph  or 199 km/hr and running the quarter mile at around 11.3 seconds. 

He entered his vehicle into the class of 235 aspirated class, where he was one of 20 competitors. 

Securing 10th place, Mr Hunter said it was a good effort, considering his first try at the event. 

Mr Hunter said in previous years the volume of entrants was so large he would often miss out on gaining a spot. 

“This was the first time I’ve had the opportunity to take part in the competition,” Mr Hunter said. 

He said he managed to nominate early and secured a position among 250 other competitors.

“They take on about 250 entrants and it fills out so quickly,” he said. 

“I came 10th in the 235 class, 235 being the tyre width, which isn’t too bad for a first effort.” 

Working as a mechanic, he’s always had an interest in cars and making them go fast.

He said the event is a good opportunity for him to test out his car’s capability. 

Out of the 250 entrants Mr Hunter said around 180 completed the challenge. 

“There’s a huge amount of stress on the vehicles after travelling the 1500km and dragging in between.” 

The rules of the event indicate competitors cannot use a trailer to transport their vehicle through the route. 

The on-ride drive is part of the challenge. Organisers tell competitors to expect potholes, traffic, wet weather, wildlife and winding roads along the way. 

The Street Machine Drag Challenge requires entrants to race five times in five days and drive from drag strip to drag strip in the same car that they race.

Participants travelled a total of 1500km over the five days through western Victoria. 

For this years event racing kicked off at Clader Park in Melbourne.

Participants then travelled through to Mildura’s Sunset Strip to drag for a further two days. 

Day four was on to South Coast Raceway in Portland and then back at Calder Park for the finale. 

Along the way, they must photograph themselves in front of their vehicles at certain checkpoints to prove to race officials they are completing the course.  

The competition brought in vehicles from eight different classes which varied depending on the specifications of the car.