Werrigar adapting as situation changes

THE Werrigar Roadhouse has adapted to recent changes under the coronavirus, and have brought home delivery to their customers.

Although dining in isn’t available at the moment, the Werrigar Roadhouse has adapted as government restrictions evolve over time.

Werrigar manager Machelle Gebert said the non-contact home delivery service has been popular, receiving a number of orders each night.

“The take away menu has been popular and we are looking at extending it to continue after the coronavirus restrictions are lifted,” Ms Gebert said.

Their take away menu features a range of delicious home style meals and burger packs.

Ms Gebert said they are also looking to bring back their popular lunchtime specials.

They are also happy to deliver any of their bain marie or shop products, providing essentials to those unable to leave the house.

Over the years, Wilken Group has expended the Werrigar facility into a heavy vehicle hub for businesses and general customers alike.

“Truck drivers are still welcome to use our facilities for an hour. There’s no general dining in, just for truck drivers,” she said.

Ms Gebert said their staff are managing well with the coronavirus restrictions.

“We are all going along well. We have reduced our opening times due to a drop off in evening customers,” she said.

Home delivery is available from 5pm until 8.30pm. Those wishing to place an order can call ahead and pay over the phone.

The Werrigar Roadhouse also offers their regular services of unleaded, premium unleaded, gas and diesel fuels, oils and distribution of on farm bulk diesel fuels.