<![CDATA[Tennis - WMSport - Wimmera Mallee News]]> https://www.theargus.com.au/wm-sport/tennis/feed.xml Fri, 29 Mar 2024 12:00:00 +1100 en-AU Copyright Wimmera Mallee News 2024 <![CDATA[Green defeat Red in Grand Final]]> 16675e07-cb5e-4a4c-8ea4-af8ca9fcb74e https://www.theargus.com.au/green-defeat-red-in-grand-final-2024-03-29 Fri, 29 Mar 2024 12:00:00 +1100 A large contingent of family and friends were in attendance to cheer on the players in the junior tennis grand final on Monday, March 18.

Weather conditions were warm, with the final taking place on Monday afternoon due to several players being unavailable on the following Saturday.

Seth Keam and Zeke Clark (Green) started the afternoon with a 6-2 win over Red's KarterNitschke and Taylor Fisher in the number one and three doubles.

Sully Magee and Ryder Nitschke (Green) also had a 6-2 victory over Scarlett Mitchell and Leila Hudson (Red). Kane Bastin (Red) closed the gap somewhat, taking the points in the number two singles over Zac O'Connor (Green).

Zeke Clark and Ryder Nitschke (Green) combined well in the number three and five doubles against Red's Taylor Fisher and Leila Hudson.

Great sportsmanship and tough rally's were on display, with Green taking a narrow 6-4 win. Kane Bastin and Scarlett Mitchell (Green) reversed the scores in the following set, with a 6-4 result over Zac O'Connor and Sully Magee (Red).

Green took a narrow lead into the last round of sets. Red came out firing, their eye on thefinal prize.

Unfortunately for Red, it wasn't to be, with Green winning all four sets in the last round toseal the victory with 54 games to Red's 29 games.

All players are to be congratulated on their performance in the grand final, with a thank youto Karter Nitschke for again filling in for the injured Baxter Stasinowsky.

The sportsmanship displayed and improvements in skills of every player this season across the whole competition were wonderful to see.

Junior tennis will have a break now and return in October.


Green v Red

Seth Keam, Zeke Clark d Karter Nitschke, Taylor Fisher 6-2; Sully Magee, Ryder Nitschke d Scarlett Mitchell, Leila Hudson 6-2; Zac O'Connor lost to Kane Bastin 2-6.

Seth d Karter 6-1; Zeke, Ryder d Taylor, Leila 6-4; Zac, Sully lost to Kane, Scarlett 4-6.

Seth, Sully d Karter, Scarlett 6-3; Zeke d Taylor 6-2; Zac, Ryder d Kane Leila 6-3; Seth, Zac d Karter Kane 6-0.

<![CDATA[Horsham Lawn win Grand Final]]> c3efa4dc-629d-43c6-809d-f1cf5ebe3c03 https://www.theargus.com.au/horsham-lawn-win-grand-final-2024-03-27 Wed, 27 Mar 2024 14:30:00 +1100 Horsham Lawn is the pennant premiers in the Central Wimmera Tennis Association following an 8-4 set win over Central Park at Central Park on Saturday.

Central Park's four sets were won by Eve Wear, who defeated Gemma Walker 8-2, Reece Harman and Brendan Nitschke who defeated Lachlan Punchard and Sam Hoffmann 8-6, Adele Joseph and Eve Wear defeating Cherie Wood and Gemma Walker 8-2 and Reece Harman getting the better of Lachlan Punchard, 8-5.

Horsham Lawn got off to a great start, winning three of the first four sets. Lachlan Punchard and Graeme Wood defeated Reece Harman and Matt Jones 8-3, Tahlia Thompson and Gemma Walker defeated Willow Sainsbury and Adele Joseph 8-2 and Sam Hoffmann defeated Brendan Nitschke 8-3.

They won three of the next four sets. Tahlia Thompson and Gemma Walker defeated Willow Sainsbury and Eve Wear in a tight 8-7 set, Graeme Wood defeated Matt Jones 8-5 and Cherie Wood defeated Adele Joseph 8-7.

They won two of the last four sets. Graeme Wood and Sam Hoffmann defeated Matt Jones and Brendan Nitschke 8-6 and Tahlia Thompson defeated Willow Sainsbury 8-6.

The final score was Horsham Lawn eight sets, 79 games defeating Central Park, four sets, 71 games.

In the A Special, Kalkee had an easy victory over Central Park, winning eight sets 72 games to two sets 47 games. Central Park got the victory in A Grade over St Michaels Red, winning eight sets, 83 games to four sets, 65 games. Laharum secured B Special victory with a 10 set, 83 games to six set, 57 games over Central Park.


Grand Finals 23/3/2024

Pennant: Horsham Lawn 8 - 79 def Central Park 4 – 71A Special: Natimuk 2 - 47 def by Kalkee 8 – 72A Grade: Central Park 8 - 83 def St. Michael's Red 4 – 65B Special: Central Park 6 - 57 def by Laharum 10 – 83


Grand Finals 23/3/2024

Junior Open: Central Park 2 - 27 def by Brimpaen 4 – 31Section 1 Boys: Horsham Lawn 6 - 36 def Central Park White 0 – 17Section 1 Girls: Central Park 4 - 30 def Horsham Lawn White 2 – 17Section 2 Boys: Horsham Lawn White 6 - 36 def Homers 0 – 14Section 2 Girls: Horsham Lawn White 4 - 30 def Haven 2 – 22Section 3 Boys: Haven 3 - 26 def Central Park 3 – 22Section 3 Girls: Haven Orange 3 - 31 def Horsham Lawn Gold 3 – 26Section 4 Boys: Horsham Lawn Red 3 - 26 def by Central Park 3 - 26 (super tie-break decider)Section 4 Girls: Central Park 6 - 36 def Horsham Lawn White 0 – 16Match Play Section 5: Haven White 5 – 23 def Horsham Lawn White 1 – 13Match Play Section 6: Horsham Lawn Red 4 - 18 def Central Park 2 - 19

<![CDATA[Horsham Lawn and Central Park face off]]> 89a2228b-90b4-42ab-8de9-81258303730e https://www.theargus.com.au/horsham-lawn-and-central-park-face-off-2024-03-22 Fri, 22 Mar 2024 09:00:00 +1100 After 15 rounds and three tough finals, Horsham Lawn and Central Park will face off for premiership glory at Central Park tomorrow.

A close match is expected. They have met each other five times this season with Horsham Lawn having a 3-2 record. In round three, Central Park won 7-5, in round six, Horsham Lawn won 8-4, in round 12, Horsham Lawn won 9-3, in round 15, Central Park won 8-4 and in the most recent match, the semi-final, Horsham Lawn won 7-5.

In A Special, Natimuk will face Kalkee. In round eight they played out a 7 set, 77 game to 7 set, 87 game thriller with Natimuk prevailing. To get to the grand final, both teams overpowered top-of-the-ladder Horsham Lawn Gillespie. Natimuk won the semi 8-4 whilst Kalkee had a tight 7 set 93 games to 7 set 83 games win.

In A Grade, Central Park will meet St Michaels Red. St Michaels Red were promoted to A Grade earlier on in the season. They met each other in round 11 where St Michaels Red secured a tight 7-5 win. In their most recent encounter, St Michaels Red had to forfeit in round 16.

Central Park features in another final, this time in B Special. They face Laharum who finished third on the ladder and had two thrilling finals wins to get to this point. Laharum defeated Natimuk in their semi-final, 8 set 66 games to 8 set 60 games. In the preliminary final, Laharum defeated Horsham Lawn 8 sets, 76 games to 8 sets, 59 games.

A close match is expected. They have met two times this year and have beaten each other. In round four, Laharum had a 9-7 win whilst in round 14, Laharum forfeited.

Tonight, the junior match play grand finals feature Haven v Horsham Lawn White in Match Play Section 5 and Horsham Lawn Red v Central Park in Section 6 at Central Park. Action kicks off at 5pm.



Venue – Central Park Tennis Club

PENNANT - Horsham Lawn v Central Park; A SPECIAL - Natimuk v Kalkee; A GRADE - Central Park v St, Michaels Red; B SPECIAL - Central Park v Laharum


Venue - Central Park Tennis Club

OPEN - Central Park v Brimpaen; SECTION 1 BOYS - Horsham Lawn v Central Park White; SECTION 1 GIRLS - Central Park v Horsham Lawn White; SECTION 2 BOYS - Horsham Lawn White v Homers; SECTION 2 GIRLS - Horsham Lawn White v Haven.

Venue - Haven Tennis Club

SECTION 3 BOYS - Haven v Central Park; SECTION 3 GIRLS - Haven Orange v Horsham Lawn Gold; SECTION 4 BOYS - Horsham Lawn Red v Central Park; SECTION 4 GIRLS - Central Park v Horsham Lawn White.

<![CDATA[Central Park win thriller]]> d32cd631-775d-491f-b141-b5842c12eba6 https://www.theargus.com.au/central-park-win-thriller-2024-03-21 Thu, 21 Mar 2024 10:00:00 +1100 Central Park will meet Horsham Lawn in the Central Wimmera Tennis Association Grand Final following a thrilling 6 set, 79 to 6 set, 66 victory over Drung South at Haven Tennis Club.

The scores were tied after the first four sets, 2-2. Reece Harman and Matthew Jones defeated Logan Casey and Aaron Jennings 8-6 whilst Brendan Nitschke defeated Mathew Hill 8-1 for Central Park. Kate-Lyn Perkin and Yolanda Molyneaux defeated Willow Sainsbury and Adele Joseph 8-5 and Hayley Reid defeated Tara McIntyre 8-4 for Drung South.

The next four sets were tied 2-2. Logan Casey and Mathew Hill were too good for Reece Harman and Brendan Nitschke 8-5 and Kate-Lyn Perkin and Hayley Reid defeated Willow Sainsbury and Tara McIntyre 8-4 for Drung South. Central Park's wins came through Matt Jones over Aaron Jennings 8-2 and Adele Joseph over Yolanda Molyneaux 8-0.

With the scores tied 4-4 and Central Park having a game advantage, it was still anyone's match and there were tight sets.

For Central Park, Matt Jones and Brendan Nitschke defeated Aaron Jennings and Mathew Hill in a close 8-6 encounter whilst Willow Sainsbury defeated Kate-Lyn Perkin 8-3. For Drung South, Logan Casey had a tight 8-7 win over Reece Harman and Hayley Reid and Yolanda Molyneaux were too good for Tara McIntyre and Adele Joseph, 8-6.

In the A Special, it was another close encounter with Kalkee defeating Horsham Lawn Gillespie 7 sets, 93 games to 7 sets, 83 games.

B Special was similar with Laharum defeating Horsham Lawn 8 sets, 76 games to 8 sets, 59 games whilst St Michaels Red had a comfortable 8 set, 85 game win to 4 sets, 60 game over Horsham Lawn Bardell.

SENIOR TENNIS RESULTS - Preliminary finals 16/3/2024

Pennant: Central Park 6 - 79 def Drung South 6 – 66A Special: Horsham Lawn Gillespie 7 - 83 def by Kalkee 7 – 93A Grade: St. Michaels Red 8 – 85 def Horsham Lawn Bardell 4 – 60B Special: Horsham Lawn 8 - 59 def by Laharum 8 – 76

JUNIOR TENNIS RESULTS - Preliminary finals 16/3/2024


Junior Open: Quantong 1 - 16 def by Brimpaen 5 - 32Section 1 Boys: Central Park White 6 - 36 def Central Park Blue 0 - 22Section 1 Girls: Homers 0 - 7 def by Horsham Lawn White 6 - 36Section 2 Boys: Homers 3 - 28 def Haven 3 - 27 )Section 2 Girls: Horsham Lawn Gold 2 - 20 def by Haven 4 - 30Section 3 Boys: Horsham Lawn Green 3 - 25 def by Central Park 3 - 26Section 3 Girls: Horsham Lawn Gold 5 - 35 def Horsham Lawn White 1 - 23Section 4 Boys: Central Park 3 - 28 def Horsham Lawn Gold 3 - 25Section 4 Girls: Horsham Lawn Green 3 - 24 def by Horsham Lawn White 3 - 26Match Play Section 5: Horsham Lawn Green 3 - 15 def by Horsham Lawn White 3 - 17Match Play Section 6: Haven 2 - 16 def by Central Park 4 – 19