Yarriambiack Road upgrades continue

ROAD resealing will continue over the coming two weeks across Yarriambiack Shire, with works scheduled in for Warracknabeal, Murtoa, and Beulah.

Approximately $500,000 will go towards road works throughout the shire, including work on Campbell Street, the Graincorp entrance Hamilton and Breen Street intersection in Murtoa, the Beulah fuel station intersection and $40,000 worth of works on rural roads.

While getting contractor  Inroads Ltd was not difficult, sourcing stones for Yarriambiack Shire’s extensive road network can be difficult said the council’s Assets and Operations Director Michael Evans.
“It’s not so much getting contractors but delays in getting the stones are always our biggest issue. Depending on demand and supply of the stone, they can program our works in.”

Council adopted its Gravel Pit Policy and Procedure during the February council meeting which set out the requirements of council to operate and manage quarries for road works.

The works will be done by Horsham road construction company Inroads, who have been using recycled truck tyres to improve road strength and flexibility.

Speaking with Inroads manager Mark Hutchinson, he said that the practice had become quite common for over a decade.

“It’s really taken off in Australia, and the Victorian Government had been  pushing for it,” he said.

“With everyone trying to recycle, its become very popular.”