6 December, 2023

Rainbow move clear on top

Round nine of the Dimboola and District Tennis Association kicked off on Friday night with Arkona hosting Rainbow.

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Rylee Cocks reaching for a return.
Rylee Cocks reaching for a return.

Rainbow mixed played well winning 3 sets 32 games to Arkona 1 set 20 games. The men easily won their game, winning 4 sets, 36 games to Arkona’s 0 sets, 18 games. The ladies
continued the winning streak, defeating Arkona 4 sets, 36 games to Arkona 0 sets, 10 games.

The overall score was Rainbow 5 match points, 11 sets, 104 games to Arkona 0 match points, 1 set, 48 games.

Saturday saw Jeparit vs Antwerp. Antwerp mixed started the day off with a bang,
winning 4 sets, 36 games to Jeparit 0 sets, 14 games. The men followed on the winning streak, defeating Jeparit at 4 sets, 36 games to Jeparit 0 sets 14 games. The Antwerp ladies carried it home with their final win for the day, 4 sets, 36 games to Jeparit 0 sets, 9 games.

The overall score was Antwerp 5 match points, 12 sets, 108 games to Jeparit 0 match points, 0 sets, 37 games.

Dimboola hosted Brim. The mixed was a thrilling result with Brim taking it home by 1 game. Brim 3 sets, 41 games to Dimboola 3 sets 40 games.

The competitive play didn’t stop there as the Brim men showed their strength, winning 4 sets, 45 games to Dimboola 2 sets, 31 games. The ladies, however, weren’t able to bring it across the line as Dimboola ladies defeated Brim winning 4 sets, 42 games to Brim 2 sets, 39 games.

The overall score was Brim 3.5 match points, 9 sets, 125 games to Dimboola 1.5 match points, 9 sets, 113 games.

Last match of the day saw Hopetoun host Warrack. Warrack mixed certainly didn’t look out of place as they gave it their all against Hopetoun mixed. Hopetoun brought it home, winning 3 sets, 33 games to Warrack 2 sets, 35 games.

Unfortunately Anthony Schache sustained an injury and young Tristan Glare stepped up to fill his shoes in the men’s sets. The Warrack ladies played exceptionally well defeating Hopetoun 5 sets, 50 games to Hopetoun 1 set 20 games. The men battled it out, with an even score of 2 sets 25 games for both clubs.

The overall score was 3.5 match points, 9 sets, 110 games to Hopetoun 1.5 match points, 6 sets, 78 games.

Arkona v Rainbow

Mixed: Johno O'Dwyer, Joanne Wolthuis lost to Lucas Edelsten, Penny Fisher 2-9; Luke Hunter, Lyla Barry lost to Cooper Stasinowsky, Rowie Keller 1-9; Evan Hunter, Maggie Fisher d Lewis Cocks, Rylee Cocks 9-5; Jonty Hunter, Sophie Thomas lost to Matthew Thomas, Bianca Orr 8-9

Men: J. O'Dwyer, E. Hunter lost to L. Edelsten, L. Cocks 6-9; L. Hunter, J. Hunter lost to C. Stasinowsky, M. Thomas 5-9; J. O'Dwyer, L. Hunter lost to L. Edelsten, C. Stasinowsky 5-9; E Hunter, J. Hunter lost to L. Cocks, M. Thomas 2-9

Women: J. Wolthuis, M. Fisher lost to P. Fisher, R. Cocks 5-9; L. Barry, S. Thomas lost to R. Keller, B. Orr 1-9; J. Wolthuis, L. Barry lost to P. Fisher, R. Keller 1-9; M. Fisher, S. Thomas lost to R. Cocks, B. Orr 3-9

Dimboola v Brim

Mixed: Will Schilling, Jennie Hauselberger lost to Josia Keam, Zali Angel 8-9; Isaac Eldridge, Ashlee Morrish d Rhys Boehm, Megan Watts 9-7; Lenny Eldridge, Billie Barber lost to Seth Keam, Elysia Preston 5-9; Will Griffith, Nicole Polycarpou lost to Levi Keam, Jenna Angel 0-9; Rob Barry, Lyla Barry d Isaac McPherson, Jemima McPherson 9-7; Breanna Eldridge, Melissa Howard d Zac O'Connor, Kelly Angel 9-0

Men: W. Schilling, L. Eldridge lost to J. Keam, S. Keam 3-9; R. Barry, W. Griffith d R. Boehm, Z. O'Connor 9-5; W. Schilling, I. Eldridge lost to J. Keam, L. Keam 2-9; R. Barry, B. Eldridge d R. Boehm, I. McPherson 9-4; I. Eldridge, L. Eldridge lost to L. Keam, S. Keam 2-9; W. Griffith, B. Eldridge lost to Z. O'Connor, I. McPherson 6-9

Women: J. Hauselberger, N. Polycarpou lost to M. Watts, E. Preston 2-9; B. Barber, L. Barry d J. Angel, J. McPherson 9-5; J. Hauselberger, A. Morrish d M. Watts, Z. Angel 9-7; B. Barber, M. Howard d J. Angel, K. Angel 9-6; A. Morrish, N. Polycarpou lost to Z. Angel, E. Preston 4-9; L. Barry, M. Howard d J. McPherson, K. Angel 9-3

Jeparit v Antwerp

Mixed: Jarryd Newcombe, Ebony Spokes lost to Tim Jorgensen, Abbey Greig 6-9; Josh Schultz, Erin Preston lost to Don Clark, Heather Jorgensen 2-9; Marcel Bodua, Connie Rule lost to Brit Menzel, Alicia Albrecht 2-9; Jake Smith, Lucy Robinson lost to Noah Myerscough, Choe Lehmann 4-9

Men: J. Newcombe, M. Badua lost to T. Jorgensen, A. Albrecht 2-9; J. Schultz, J. Smith lost to D. Clark, N. Myerscough 5-9; J. Newcombe, J, Schultz lost to T. Jorgensen, D. Clarke 5-9; M. Badua, J. Smith lost to A. Albrecht, N. Myerscough 2-9

Women: E. Spokes, C. Rule lost to A. Greig, C. Lehmann 2-9; E. Preston, L. Robinson lost to H. Jorgensen, B. Menzel 5-9; E. Spokes, E. Preston lost to A. Greig, H. Jorgensen 0-9; C. Rule, L. Robinson lost to C. Lehmann, B. Menzel 2-9

Hopetoun v Warracknabeal

Mixed: Declan Brown, Amanda Marshman lost to Harry Allan, Sarah Spicer 1-9; Trudi Cook, Alex Kovoor lost to Greg McKenzie, Rikki Nitschke 5-9; Shelby Donnan, Anthony Schache d Chris Kellett, Macie Nitschke 9-3; Nicole McLean, Spencer Williams d Karter Nitschke, Campbell Mansfield 9-6; Janine Brown, Tahlia Durie d Jan Greenwood, Lynley Clyne 9-8

Women: A. Marshman, J. Brown lost to S. Spicer, J. Greenwood 2-9; T. Durie, S. Donnan lost to L. Clyne, M. Nitschke 2-9; A. Marshman, T. Cook lost to S. Spicer, R. Nitschke 4-9; T. Durie, N, McLean lost to L. Clyne, C. Mansfield 3-9; T. Cook, J. Brown lost to R. Nitschke, J. Greenwood 0-9; S. Donnan, N. McLean d M. Nitschke, C. Mansfield 9-5

Men: D. Brown, T. Glare lost to H. Allan, C. Kellett 4-9; A. Kovoor, S. Williams d G. McKenzie, K. Nitschke 9-5; D. Brown, A. Kavoor lost to H. Allan, G. McKenzie 3-9; T. Glare, S. Williams d C. Kellett, K. Nitschke 9-2

Ladder After Rd 9

Team: Points - %
Rainbow: 35.5 - 216.67
Hopetoun: 31.5 - 70.91
Brim: 27 - 110.62
Warrack: 26 - 141.03
Antwerp: 25.5 - 291.89
Dimboola: 19 - 90.40
Arkona: 8.5 - 46.15
Jeparit: 7 - 34.26


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