Letter to the Editor

The beginning of September this year marks Legacy Week, the annual national appeal to support the families of veterans who have given their life or health for this country.
The Australian Defence Force provides a sense of community, with strong bonds, shared values and belonging for serving personnel and their families, which often extends to the ex-serving community.
Families are a big part of this community and play a crucial part in supporting veterans, especially in challenging times.
They are often the first to notice when challenges are being faced and act as a source of strength who you can always count on, however, they face their own unique challenges and it is important we all do our bit to help organisations like Legacy who are committed to looking after these families.
This year, Legacy Week runs from 1–7 September and will fundraise to support around 60,000 beneficiaries with essential services such as, counselling, special housing, medical, advocacy and social support.
Of course, none of this would be possible without the wonderful Legatees who give so much of their time and energy and those Australians who generously donate to Legacy.
This Legacy Week, I encourage all Australians to show their support for this vital organisation by becoming a volunteer or by purchasing a Legacy badge, and if you buy your badge from one of the many current ADF personnel out selling them, simply say ‘thank you for your service’.
Yours etc.
Darren Chester MP
Minister for Veterans and Defence Personne